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Imparable. Siempre animada en clase!  y fuera... bailona, viajera y gran pianista!

I’ve been here for over 4 years now.  I´ve dedicated most of my spare time to learning Spanish and making my way in a new culture, which I love.  My husband and I are very social people and we love to travel.   Together we look forward to many happy adventures in the heartland of Spain.


Por tierra o aire, la más lejana de su casa! Con su chispa y con cariño desde Australia, conecta con los peques y aporta nuevas perspectivas a los chavales en al aula! Dura de pelar pero todo corazón.

Hi! My name is Kylie....which means Boomerang! I've been travelling for about 30 years, 8 of those in my own country, Australia. Happily hooked on so many good things here in Spain, such as "El Camino", done 3 times, & will do it again this summer. I dont have any pets, although I really love animals. I have a sister who lives in Italy who is also an English teacher.


Gran amante de las montañas y la vida familiar.

My name's James I live in Aranda with my wife and my six year old daughter. My favourite things are eating and walking; and I love teaching English because of the opportunities it provides to share and learn with all kinds of people.


No para... sigue... sigue.

I'm very privileged. I love where I live and the job I do. I'm always learning new things at work and in my life, partly thanks to the great team of teachers, two wonderful sons and fabulous friends. When I can, I love to get out with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors and generally have fun, especially if it involves good food.


Casi veterano en Aranda, viajador y jugador de Rugby.

I've wandered around a lot, during my childhood all over England and now as an adult further afield. In addition to working here in Spain, I've also worked in South Korea, China, Israel, The United States and Austria and I've loved every place, although for different reasons. I'm enjoying living here in Aranda, the pace and quality of life are glorious. However I still don't understand why handball is more popular than rugby, some things just defy explanation I guess. In my free time I enjoy playing rugby, reading, travelling, smiling (occasionally) and dancing (apparently).


Recién llegado con su pequeña tribu desde Vietnam, nativo de Irlanda! Dispuesto a experimentar profundamente a Castilla! 

Having landed June 2017, I'm still finding my feet. So far my family and I are loving life in Aranda and we're taking full advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Having taught since 2002 it's truly more than a job to me. It's given me the freedom to travel and the chance to dip in and experience some fascinating cultures and cuisines.


Alegría: nunca la falta la sonrisa, siempre dispuesta a compartir y participar.

I love travelling and have worked in Australia, Thailand and China before moving to Spain. My border Collie and I do everything together. We particularly love hiking in the canyons, swimming in the local pantano, and going for bike rides. After three years of living it up in Aranda I now enjoy quiet rural life and country walks in a small village.


Encantadora, con mucha paciencia, fuera del aula disfruta descubriendo nuevas joyas de la zona.

I've been teaching for over 13 years now.  I really love my job - it is not a career - it's my passion.  Another passion of mine is traveling.  I've lived in the USA, England, Ireland, Mexico, Korea, Borneo and now, Spain.  Aranda is great!  I came here for the first time 10 years ago and immediately felt welcome. Actually, life in Aranda is not so different from life in South Africa.  We enjoy good wine and good lamb, just like you do here.